Project study tour in the post-mining area in Welzow-Süd

After the German stakeholder event in Finsterwalde, a special study tour was organised by FIB in the nearby post-mining area if Welzow-Süd, where the project partners and interested stakeholders could experience the reclamation activities that are continous on the surface of the opencast mining-pit. The study tour was initiated by LEAG in Germany, where participants learned about the local mining areas, mining operation, technologies, mine soils and reclamation progress. The participants of the event were guided further by FIB through the experimental field plantation with black lotus and sweet sorghum. Black locust was introduced as a multipurpose, fast-growing tree as regards of biomass yield, stress tolerance and ecological performance on humus-poor raw soils, while a sorghum trial plantation field was showcased against maze, as a recommendable sort of energy cropping on underutilised land, taking into consideration cultivation methods and cropping experiences.